Dressmaking Course

Welcome To Our DressMaking Course!

In this course, students will build on their sewing machine skills and learn important and key techniques used in dressmaking and garment construction.

This practical course is designed to take students from basic sewing experience to constructing garments. The students are taught machine handling skills and garment construction techniques.

Topic to be covered

  1. Seams (Topstitching, under-stitching and stay-stitching) 
  2. Using seam allowances correctly
  3. Darts (Under arm and waist darts)
  4. Facing 
  5. Hemming 
  6. Zippers (Centred, lapped and invisible zips.
  7. Elastic casing and inserting elastic

This course is perfect for anyone who may have basic sewing experience but who now wants to be able to make garments such as tops, skirts, dresses etc

Project #2 : With the knowledge and skills gained, students will build on the previous sewing machine knowledge and skills to make an off shoulder top with elastic at shoulder and at hem. This would be another great addition to their wardrobe.

Through this project, students will learn the following skills;

  1. How to take measurements for drafting a matching top and skirt
  2. How to prepare your fabric for sewing
  3. How to use measurements to create a pattern for a top and skirt.
  4. How to accurately lay pattern on fabric and cut fabric to pattern size.
  5. How to prepare elastic casing
  6. How to insert elastic, using it to create the desired garment shape and volume
  7. Hemming
  8. Top stitching

Running Time: Thursdays 10am-1pm or 6pm – 9.00pm (Choose morning or evening session to suit your availability)

Price: £10/class

This course is covered in 3 classes

Due to Covid 19, online classes are also available through Zoom.

Contact charnoldltd@gmail.com for more enquiries.

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