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How To Make a Mini Mannequin / Dress Form

Hi there, today I will teach you how to create a mini mannequin dress form.

What is a mini mannequin dress form?

A mini mannequin dress form is a small mannequin used for sewing. It is ideal for quick sewing pattern drafting, fitting and draping, as it is proportionally scaled to half or quarter of the regular size..

What are the advantages of a mini mannequin?

  1. The mini mannequin saves a lot of time, paper and fabric (i.e. money) to experiment with new styles and modify them quickly for the best results.
  2. It is portable and saves a lot of space.
  3. It is pinnable at different angles, just as you would expect from a professional dress form.
  4. It can also have an adjustable height.
  5. It is also ideal for fashion designers (including students), pattern-makers and drapers or children who loves to dress up their dolls! It is very fun to make. Let’s get into the tutorial.

I have posted a Youtube video tutorial for those who prefer to watch a video instead! Please, subscribe to my Youtube channel for more fashion sewing & pattern making tips.

Mini Mannequin Dress Form Tutorial

Step 1

To start, I have created a ready to go pattern for your mini mannequin which you can download here. Next, cut out all your pattern templates with a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 2

Pick a fabric of your choice. You only need a small amount as it is for a mini mannequin. You can even use calico fabric if you want.

Step 3

Pin your cut out pattern pieces on the fabric of your choice. Pin both the front and the back. Then, cut out the front and back pieces.

Step 4

Next, fold your fabric in half, pin it, then cut out the side piece. You should have two identical pieces of fabric, after unfolding them.

Step 5

Remember to cut the notch on the top of the side piece, as indicated on the template. We need to use this as a guide later- when we stitch everything together.

Step 6

Pin the back to the front- good side to good side, aligning at the neck and shoulders. The sides should not match up- obviously, since we have a body shape.

Step 7

Thread up your sewing machine- set it to a straight stitch setting.

Step 8

Stitch across the shoulders from the neck down, both sides, remembering to back stitch and cut off excess thread as you go along.

Step 9

Next, flip the fabric to the outside and stuff with polyester filling.

Step 10

Using the base, trace it onto recycled cardboard (I just used an instant soup box) and cut the 4 pieces out. Then I created a hole in the middle which I will use for my stand later.

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  1. Hi there, I’m wondering if you have different variations of the mannequin pattern for men? Curvier women? I want to make a suite of these so I can play around with pattern making for all different figures. 🙂


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