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How To Make A Wrap Dress Following These Easy Steps

Hi loves, today I will teach you how to make a wrap dress in this quick sewing tutorial.

I created my wrap dress using 2 fabrics: a velvet fabric and a white & black jersey fabric, and I mixed them together to create a two tone wrap dress with a belt.

Tutorial: How To Create A Wrap Dress

Step 1:

Start off with your T-Shirt dress pattern, which you can draft with your own measurement using my video guide here

Wrap Dress Tutorial

Measure out a rectangle of paper, which should be double the width of your quarter pattern.

Wrap Dress Tutorial

Here is what it should look like.

Now fold your pattern paper in half

Step 2: Tracing out

Place your t-shirt dress pattern on top of your folded paper placing the centre front on fold. Trace the outline of the t-shirt dress pattern onto your paper underneath

Wrap Dress Tutorial

Here is what it should look like after it’s been traced out.

Wrap Dress Tutorial

Step 3

Cut out the pattern you have traced out, on fold, as shown below.

Wrap Dress Tutorial

After cutting out your pattern, it should look like this.

Step 4

Next, open it up to reveal the full pattern, as shown in the picture below.

Step 5-creating the front neck outline

Next, mark the neck drop which will guide you for when you draw your wrap dress front outline. Also, mark 1.5inch in from the waist point on the left side as indicated below.

Square down from the waist line at the 1.5 inch mark up to the hem of the dress.

Square up from the waist line at the 1.5 inch mark up to the shoulder.

Cut out as shown below.

From your cut edge, mark in 1 inch through out and draw a line.

Here I turned the pattern over and I am folding the 1inch line.

This is the pattern with the left side folded 1 inch in. Then I marked 3/8 inch up from the waist line.

Here I am drawing the wrap dress front outline from the waist at the 3/8 inch mark, passing through the neck drop mark and the to the neck.

Once you are satisfied with your outline shape, cut it out.

In the photos below, see how I make a slight adjustment on the front neck to prevent gaping.

Here I fold the edge back and the front piece is now ready.

Step 7 – Create neck band

Measure around the neck back and front for the neck band length. Here I am measuring the neck back.

Here I am measuring the neck front

I added the measurements of the front and back neck minus 1/4 inch to get the length for this neck band. I used a width of 4 inches.

Step 8 – Making the sleeve and belt

Here I am adjusting the sleeve to my desired length and shape at hem. Check here for how to make a sleeve pattern.

I created the belt pattern using length 45 inches and width 4 inches

Finally, my pattern pieces have been completed and laid out accordingly.

Wrap Dress Tutorial

My fabric pieces have been cut out, ready to be sewn and stitched together. Check out the sewing process here

Wrap Dress Tutorial

The final dress:

Wrap Dress Tutorial

How I Styled My DIY Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress Tutorial

Here I styled my wrap dress with opaque black tights, and suede ankle boot heels. Then, I accessorised with gold tone jewellery necklace and bangle.

There are many ways to style a wrap dress, but as we approach the colder wintry season, I opted for tights and ankle boots.

Wrap Dress Tutorial

I hope this wrap dress tutorial could guide you into creating your own.

Here is a blogpost I wrote on how to create a T-Shirt dress with 5 easy steps.

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  1. So very talented! You have been the only instructor that has been able to help me in building my bodice blocks (over 3 years attempting to make something close fitting to my body) – I am so grateful for you!
    I need to create a dress in a day now, and I’m thinking to use this tutorial and your circle skirt tutorial for a flared skirt.

    Thank you so much, I wish I were in the UK to learn from your instruction in person!!


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