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Pattern Making Workshop in Birmingham UK

Pattern making Workshop in Birmingham UK. Saturday 28th Oct 2023. Book Now

Welcome to Pattern Academy by Charnold. We are proud to be hosting our pattern-making workshop in Birmingham UK on Saturday 28th Oct 2023.

This pattern making workshop, based in Birmingham UK, is a follow up workshop to our pattern drafting workshop, and is aimed at people who would like to learn how to make their own sewing patterns for their body type using their foundation Bodice Blocks. By making your patterns using your personalised blocks, you will achieve great results! If you have not yet attended our pattern drafting workshop, click here to book for our next pattern drafting workshop.

Are you fed up with online classes and would like to attend an in-house, face to face workshop where you can actually have someone to ask questions and get real life help when making your patterns?

Would you like to get the best guide to help you learn how to make your own sewing patterns?

The opportunity is finally here and above all this workshop gives you great value for money!

At Pattern Academy by Charnold, we will teach you how to make your own self-made patterns, with your foundation blocks made using your own measurements, which will make your clothes fit like a glove.

You will experience another level of fit when you can make clothes that are specifically made for your body measurements.

Also, maybe you’re fed up with adjusting standard sized commercial patterns, which may not fit your specific body shape and requires one adjustment after another there by wasting your time, then this pattern making workshop is for you, as you will save time by creating patterns to your specific measurements.

In addition to learning how to use your own block patterns to make sewing patterns, you can then take it further by using your patterns to create and sew many different fashion garments.

E.g: dresses, trousers, blouse, blazer, skirts and many more. Your opportunities are endless when you learn how to create your OWN pattern!

Benefits of making your own clothes

  • It helps you create high quality and sustainable clothing that will last you for years
  • It is tailored to your body measurements, so it fits you better
  • It boosts your confidence as it is your own creation, which truly fits your body
  • It helps you unleash your creativity, and you can learn new skills
  • It is more sustainable than buying new clothes, which has a better impact on the environment

We would love for you to register for our Sewing Workshop in Birmingham, where you have the opportunity to have face-to-face guide to create your own bodice-block patterns!

Click the link below to book your spot now! LIMITED spots available!

Sign Up For Our Pattern-making Workshop in Birmingham

Date: Sat 28th Oct, 2023

Time: 10am – 3pm

Price: £40

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Postcode: B23 area



Christine signed up for our sewing pattern-making workshop in February. She had an interest in sewing but didn’t know how to make her own patterns. With guidance at Pattern Making Academy by Charnold, she learnt the steps and our tutors guided her. Christine made her own bodice block pattern, using her own measurements.

Pattern making workshop Birmingham

From that, Christine booked another workshop with us where she learnt how to use her bodice block pattern to make a dress.

Christine then cut out the pattern for the dress. After cutting out the pattern, she placed the pattern on the fabric of her choice, and cut it out. Christine then sewed the fabric pieces together, finishing her dress.

Pattern making workshop Birmingham

Here is a picture of the finished dress Christine made.

Pattern making workshop Birmingham

Here are Christine’s words:

“Before joining Pattern Making Academy by Charnold, I wasn’t very confident in sewing. I also desired to make my own clothes, however, I had no idea how to draft my own patterns for my body shape. I searched online and came across this pattern making academy and signed up. Ebere, the tutor, is very friendly. She hosted the sewing class, and there were many other students enrolled, and we all felt Ebere’s teaching and guidance was spot on. In various sewing workshops at Pattern Making Academy by Charnold, I learnt how to create my own bodice block patterns for my self, then I learnt how to use my pattern to create a dress for myself, which fit my body shape perfectly. I truly cannot get this fit anywhere else. Not at Zara, not even H&M. This dress is truly tailored to my body! I am so happy I enrolled at this course. I highly recommend it!”

Christine A

Pattern making workshop Birmingham
Pattern Drafting Workshop



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