Female Display Dress Form Mannequin in Natural Canvas

  • Handmade
  • Materials: natural canvas, metal, wood


SKU: 02

Unleash (or display) your creativity with our newly updated Display Dress Form line. The Display Dress Form line can be used for both display and design purposes.

The torso is created from a thick plastic inner core which is then covered by a thick layer of foam (for easy pinning use) which is then wrapped with a durable and beautiful layer of natural canvas. There are two connectors for the base pole on the underside of the torso: one in the center (as shown in the photos) and a second one slightly to the side. Using this second connector will allow you to display or create pants and underwear.

This dress form includes the full kit: torso, traditional wooden tripod base and matching finial (neck cap).

There are two torso sizes to choose from (all in inches):

Small: 32.5″ bust, 24.5″ waist and 31″ hips.

Medium: 34″ bust, 25.5″ waist and 33″ hips.


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