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Feeling Happy In My DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Birthday Dress

Hello readers, I want to share with you how I made my DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Dress for my 50th birthday.

I made the DIY bishop sleeve dress using the T-shirt pattern as well as the T-shirt dress sleeve with the volume added.

The fabric is red polyester jersey, which has a nice drape and good recovery when stretched.

How I Styled My DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Dress (3 ways)

1. Here is my dress styled on its own.
DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Dress
2. Here I styled the dress with a detachable belt.
DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Dress
3. Here, I have styled the dress with a detachable peplum accessory (for hiding the sins when I have eaten all that birthday cake😂).

How To Make The DIY Red Dress With Bishop Sleeve And Peplum Accessory

I made the peplum using the radius of my waist circumference. I calculated the radius by dividing my waist circumference by 6.28. Then I apply the same step for circle skirt making.

  • This is what the peplum piece looked like after cutting it out and also I created the curved effect in front.
  • Below I show a quick photo of the making process but you can also see the detailed video for t-shirt dress making here:
  • Then, I laid the pattern pieces out. I have already put together the sleeve pieces to form the volume sleeve.
  • Here I have created the shoulder seams then I neatened edges with pinking shears.
  • Then I pressed the shoulder seams open

  • I Pinned neckband in place ready to sew
  • The neckband was attached and the seams were neatened
DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Dress
  • I then sewed the sides before attaching the sleeves. Next I made the belt and peplum accessory. I used a matching fabric as lining for the peplum.

AND Voila… my DIY bishop sleeve dress is ready!

DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Dress
DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Dress
DIY Red Bishop Sleeve Dress

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