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How To Create Pattern For Volume Sleeve

Here, you will learn how to make a volume sleeve pattern using step by step guidelines.

How To Make Volume Sleeve

Step 1: The Sleeve Pattern

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  1. Start with the sleeve pattern
The Volume Sleeve

2. Mark your band level, like I have done below.

Then cut it out.

3. Here is what your cut out pattern should look like.

4. Open out your cut pattern

5. Draw the centre line of the sleeve starting from the middle line, mark distance of 2 inches apart, to the right and to the left as shown below.

Mark front and back side of the sleeve.

The back side has 2 notches and the front side has 1 notch.

How To Make Volume Sleeve

6. Then, open a fresh pattern paper. The width will be current width of this plus another 15 inches.

7. Place the sleeve that you’ve drawn lines on unto the fresh pattern paper.

8. Draw a centre line in the middle of the paper. Be sure to hold the paper down with tape so it doesn’t shift, as shown below.

9. Slash through the lines up to the sleeve head but do not cut right through.

10. After you slash them, spread them a distance of 2 inches. From the centre line, you will have 1 inch on each side

11. From the sides, mark 1 inch on each side, and draw line from each side from the sleeve head to meet the 1 inch mark.

12. Trace all around the pattern onto the fresh pattern paper underneath.

13. Remove the top pattern and you should be left with this traced line underneath.

14. Here, I have marked it with marker pen and outlined notches, front and back.

15. Draw the centre line right through, from the top to the bottom. Measure the sleeve hem for the back and mark at the halfway point. Repeat the same for the front (as shown below).

16. Lower the back hem at the centre marking by half inch. Raise the front hem at the centre marking by half inch.

Draw a line passing through the points at the bottom (as shown below).

17. At the bottom, mark a half inch seam allowance (as shown below in green marker pen.) Note that: the side and the sleeve head seam allowances were already included. Finally, cut out the completed sleeve pattern.

How To Make Volume Sleeve

18. Spread out the sleeve band which you have cut out previously on a fresh pattern paper, and mark a half inch seam allowance at the top. Then, cut this out.

19. Mark notches at the centre, as shown below.

Now you have completed your volume sleeve pattern!

The Volume Sleeve



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