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6 Essential Pattern Making Tools You Need To Create Patterns

Hi Guys, Today I will share the 6 essential pattern making tools you need to get you started creating your own patterns – in my opinion anyway!

Are you one of those people who think pattern making is only for the pros? If so let me tell you… pattern making is easier than you think. Here’s the secret, it basically involves the following steps; take your measurements, plot the points and then connect the dots!

Aha! but you need some essential tools to make the process easier and accurate. Yes, accuracy is crucial in pattern creation as a line slightly off angle can cause extra fullness, or reduction if it is not accurate.

There are only six essential tools required to make patterns, additional to paper, card and scotch tape. Patterns are made on paper, but it is best to reproduce your final blocks on card or plastic as they are repeatedly used for many designs. So here are my 6 most essential pattern making tools; 1. Ruler – A pattern master ruler, 2. Tape measure 3. Scissors, 4. Fine liner pencil, 5. Notchers 6. Tracing wheel

My 6 Most Essential Pattern Making Tools

  1. A pattern master ruler in my opinion is the only ruler you need to create patterns This is because it has straight edges, a right angle, curves for armhole, hipline and other design detail curves. Basically, it has all the lines and angles in one. However, you can still make do with any curved ruler.
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SHOP: Pattern Master Ruler, £12.99

2. Fine liner pencil – 0.5 lead size. This allows you make clear lines that are not smudgy

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SHOP: Fine Liner Pencil With Eraser, £3.95

3. Tape measure it is really important that you use the same tape measure for a project. You’ll be amazed by how much some tape measure can stretch, or just be ‘wrong’.

SHOP: Tape Measure, £2.20

4. Scissors – I suggest you get great pair of paper scissors dedicated to pattern making. The best is a short blade for better control.

SHOP: Scissors For Sewing, £14.99

5. Notchers – This is used on pattern pieces to mark specific points to make sewing easier.

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SHOP: Professional Garment Pattern Notcher, £6.39

6. I think a tracing wheel is a pattern maker’s best friend. I use it to trace self-drafted blocks, commercial sewing patterns and even clothes to create new pattern ideas from.

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Final Thoughts On Pattern Making Tools

In a nutshell, this list of pattern making tools consists of tools I personally cannot do without when pattern making.

Hope you have found this post useful!



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